Social media is becoming increasingly important to accessing and getting a job. Create a social media profile on sites such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers veterans a free upgrade to premium services. Be sure to also network by talking to friends, family, and current and former colleagues. Make sure to join the Get Into Energy LinkedIn community to stay informed about energy industry happenings.


Translate your military experience into a strong resumé, as very few employers understand the scope of your military experience and training. When writing your resumé, showcase your accomplishments, including the specialized training you have received. Your military experience is an asset and should be marketed in a way that speaks to employer needs.

Get guidance from our Veteran Career Coach.

Hire Our Heroes helps veterans develop and build their own brand. 

Veterati – 20 Resumés Mistakes to Avoid.


Practice makes perfect, so participate in mock interviews at career fairs, on bases, or at Veterans Service Organizations so you can learn to translate your military skills into terms energy employers can understand. Get guidance from our Veteran Career Coach.


Some companies may require fit for duty testing for certain positions that may have certain physical activity requirements. Companies cannot discriminate against people with disabilities and are required to make reasonable accommodations. However, some positions might preclude people with physical limitations from doing the work required of certain skilled trade jobs.


There are many companies in the energy industry that do not require a preemployment test. However, there are many utility companies that use a preemployment test as one of the initial steps in the selection process. The testing requirement will be indicated on the job posting. To pass, you will need math, communications, problem solving, and mechanical reasoning, so you may want to brush up on the basics to gain employment in the energy industry. To help increase your success, the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) has developed practice tests. Although these tests will differ slightly from the real test, it would be beneficial to become familiar with these tests, as it will help you understand the test better and may increase your chances of qualifying for an interview. To access the practice tests, visit the EEI site and log in using the following information:

• User Name: troops

• Password: testing

A Get Into Energy Test Prep Independent Study Program is available and gives individuals the opportunity to brush up on their math skills as well as prepare for the EEI or other employment tests required by most companies. The structure of the program allows candidates to take pre-tests to determine which areas they are in need of some lessons and practice problems.

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