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Those who have served in the military share a special bond; they have traveled similar paths and walked in similar shoes — or boots, as the case may be. They share insiders’ jargon and mutual respect. They are brothers and sisters.

If you are a veteran, Reservist, or a member of the National Guard, learn what your peers are saying about their work in the energy sector and why they are glad to have made energy their second career focus.










There are fundamentals instilled in every Veteran, no matter the branch they served. Each has a focus to successfully complete the task at hand, often without perfect information available. They work as team members in stressful situations, at times disagreeing on things and still come together to accomplish the goal. They provide leadership and motivate others at the lowest levels. They don’t require a title to do that, it’s natural to them. Because of these traits and their adaptability, they can easily be molded into our organization with additional skills training we provide them. Many servicemembers kept operations running in a combat environment. We know they can do the same in our power delivery and design services.

Anthony Centore
PE, Director of Engineering & Services, Pike Engineering, LLC, former Executive Officer and Combat Heavy Engineer, Guard and Reserve

The men and women who have worn the cloth of our nation and swore an oath to support and defend the US Constitution know what it means to protect the American way of life. Of these veterans, those who are drawn to solve problems in challenging settings and austere environments, especially in teams who thrive in the face of physical hardship – the energy delivery industry may be for you. Our industry benefits from passing to you the torch of knowledge and experience to keep America’s energy infrastructure on par with our nation’s ambition.

Jason Kemp
Sr. Project Manager, Pike Electric, LLC, former Infantry Officer, USMCR

The transition from the military to the civilian sector can be a challenge. Military members bring leadership, adaptiveness, and the ability to work in any environment to companies looking to hire veterans. Troops to Energy Jobs has accepted the challenge and continues to link veterans to opportunities in the energy sector. Southern Company is excited to be a part of the process for military members and veterans who have a “Safety First” mentality and are looking to help “build the future of energy through innovation today.

Todd Griffith
Military Recruiting Consultant at Southern Company, former Senior Career Counselor with the U.S. Army

The inherent characteristics of our Veterans makes a career path in the energy trade a clear choice. For those who are accustomed to fluid and dynamic environments. Leadership, Discipline, Teamwork are all demonstrated traits, that will be enablers for your future success in the trade.

Conley Harris
Area Supervisor, Pike Electric, LLC, former Sgt in the Ninth Infantry Division

Upon retirement from the Marine Corps, I needed a new home – PIKE opened their doors immediately and welcomed me into their family.  While my technical military skills did not directly translate to the energy field, PIKE sought the leadership, attention to detail and “can-do attitude” that accompany the military lifestyle.  The transition was seamless and the relationship is harmonious.   I’m forever grateful for this opportunity.

Ian Anothony
Project Manager, Pike Engineering, LLC, former Personnel Officer, USMC

Our industry seamlessly aligns with our Military’s structure, talent requirements and the need for a high level of professionalism. Whether you join a contract corporation, investor owned utility, rural cooperative or municipality you will find the environment strangely similar to your military experience. In this growing industry we share a sense of service and job satisfaction. Our industry responds to natural disasters which resemble a military deployment. This industry requires grit, determination and the ability to adapt and overcome. This aligns perfectly with our military veterans. This has not gone unnoticed and the energy industry plays a large role helping veterans transition successfully to the civilian sector. Pike Electric took the initiative and started a Veteran & Military Family Resource group to further help with the successful transition.

Brandon Carrol
Area Supervisor, Pike Electric, LLC, former Sergeant, Fire Team Leader, 75th Ranger Regiment, US Army