Trade Career Pathways

Explore Career Pathways in Energy Trades

There are hundreds of types of jobs in the energy industry, each offering a wide-array of career path possibilities. In fact, career advancement opportunities are a huge benefit of working in the energy sector. Because the industry is highly technical and complex, those who demonstrate aptitude and are motivated by continuous learning are generally rewarded with next-step opportunities. Where you start your career has little to do with where it can end!

Technical thinkers looking start their career journey in energy, should consider employment in the technical trades. You can hire into entry level positions and learn the knowledge and skills to progress in responsibility. If you want to work with your hands, like to understand how things work, like being outdoors, and work well under pressure, consider a position in one of the industry’s in-demand technical trade roles.  Whether you become employed by an energy company or one of the many contractors that actively support our industry, there are tremendous employment opportunities!

To better understand how your career can progress in these positions, including for those with little to know energy experience, check out the career pathway information below to see how exploration turns into experience, helping jobs turn into careers.