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Career Pathway Spotlight - Natural Gas Technician
Career Pathway Spotlights-mobile_Natural Gas Technician

*Compensation averages should be used as a guide. There are numerous factors that impact actual compensation. These estimates do not include over-time, which can be a sizeable addition to base pay. Years of service and training recommendations should also be used as a guide. Company requirements vary.

Note: Some energy companies may require pre-employment testing. Please check the job requirements. These may include an EEI Pre-Employment Test or a Physical Abilities Test.

Become a Natural Gas Technician

Starting off as a Crew Assistant:

What will you do?

  • Provide tools and equipment to crew
  • Make work area safe
  • Drive equipment to job site

What knowledge / skills / abilities will you need?

  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Drive heavy commercial vehicles
  • Be able to lift 75 lbs
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Come to work on time and prepared
  • Be able to stand for long periods of time
  • Math skills including algebra, trigonometry, and geometry

Apprenticeship Training:

What will you do?

  • Apply fundamentals of Alternating Current and Direct Current
  • Demonstrate ability to fuse plastic pipe
  • Operate backhoes and other trenching equipment
  • Identify components and maintenance of valves
  • Assemble and secure pipes
  • Identify the necessary steps for the manual or remote opening and/or closing of a valve or other equipment
  • Use appropriate equipment to locate gas mains and services

What knowledge / skills / abilities will you need?

  • Demonstrate skills learned in apprenticeship training
    on the job
  • Dig trenches and make work area safe
  • Understand the relationship of physical objects to one another in order to visualize how such objects act together

Crew Mechanic:

What will you do?

  • Prepare trenches for pipe installation and install gas pipelines
  • Install pipes for gas lines
  • Fuse plastic pipe together
  • Install and repair both high and low pressure pipe systems
  • Install automatic controls used to regulate gas systems

What knowledge / skills / abilities will you need?

  • Define how the various parts of systems interact (e.g., parts of the distribution systems) and diagnose the effect on the system of changes or malfunctions in its parts
  • Solve problems involving limited options by applying common sense understandings such as selecting the correct cutting tool or proper gauge of wire for a job
  • Listen to and understand customer needs
  • Estimate the size, length, or quantity of objects, as in selecting the proper wrench for a bolt, or choose the size of fitting required

Crew Leaders:

What will you do?

  • Determine schedules and work activities of crew members
  • Check for unsafe work conditions
  • Communicate effectively with others, including customers, crew members, and supervisors
  • Deal with potentially stressful situations

What knowledge / skills / abilities will you need?

  • People management
  • Communications skills
  • Assign priority or sequence to the steps for completing a job
  • Coordinate several competing activities for efficient use of time and material
  • Ability to adapt work procedures or priorities in response to changing or unforeseen requirements or conditions


What will you do?

  • Schedule and oversee work of line crews
  • Review crew member performance and provide feedback
  • Prepare and manage budgets
  • Report to management
  • Manage teams

What knowledge / skills / abilities will you need?

  • Financial management
  • Computer skills for report preparation
  • People management
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 “Natural gas is an essential fuel – it warms our homes and cooks our food. It’s a reliable and clean industrial energy source. I’m proud of our industry! We’re using cutting edge technology to deliver warmth to customers, while also offering meaningful, well-paid career paths to our team members.”

Diane Rink
Director, Construction Operations

Nicor Gas