5948 Aviation Radar Technician

Site, install, inspect, test, maintain, and repair the TAOC radars, and associated IFF equipment. Performs the more unusual or difficult repairs or modifications. Prepares and implements inspection and maintenance schedules and compiles data for reports;

91D/ 52D – Power Generation Equipment Repairer

Conduct maintenance on tactical utilities, power generation sets, internal combustion engines, and associated equipment. They’re responsible for overhauling said equipment, and also perform maintenance and other repair work on mobile and stationary power...

15J/15X, 15Y Armament/ Electrical/Avionics System Repairer

Diagnosis, troubleshoots and repairs malfunctions in the OH-58D armament, electrical and avionics systems and components including solid state and transistorized subsystems according to pertinent technical manuals, directives and safety procedures; performs...

15F – Aircraft Electrician

Troubleshoot aircraft electrical systems; repair and replaced defective generator and electric motors, replace faulty wiring

12R – Interior Electrician (Formerly 21R)

Possess a comprehensive understanding of the principles of electricity. Soldiers with a 12R MOS are safety conscious and understand local rules and regulations while they work with up to 600 volts of electrical power.

12P – Prime Power Specialist

The prime power production specialist supervises, operates, installs and maintains electric power plant and associated auxiliary systems and equipment. They may also act as Liaison Noncommissioned Officer (LNO) and technical advisor to FEMA and other federal...