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MR – Machinery Repairman

The military occupation code MR – Machinery Repairman has the following basic knowledge, skills and abilities:

Skilled machine tool operators. They manufacture replacement parts to enable repairs or overhaul to engines, propulsion and auxiliary systems on ships, aircraft, submarines, and various equipment; perform organizational and intermediate maintenance on assigned equipment; skilled in use of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), lathes, milling machines, boring mills, grinders, power saws, drill presses, and other machine tools required to fabricate and manufacture parts and equipment; and utilize portable machinery, hand tools, and measuring instruments to perform work outside the shop.

The following energy occupations align well to this MOS or NEC code:

  • Controls & Valve Installer
  • Engineering Technician (17-3023)
    Beneficial Education: BS Engineering (multiple disciplines), BS Management / Leadership
  • Industrial Mechanic

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