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AS – Aviation Support Equipment Technician

The military occupation code AS – Aviation Support Equipment Technician has the following basic knowledge, skills and abilities:

Performs preventive and corrective maintenance on aviation ground support equipment, mobile fire fighting units, and material-handling and moving units; inspects and repairs gasoline, diesel, and turbine ground power units; services transmissions, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and cryogenic and air conditioning equipment; performs troubleshooting and repair of electrical control systems and motors; replaces electrical generating components; adjusts mechanical and electrical regulators; provides training and work schedules; manages distribution and maintenance schedules for ground support equipment at different command levels.Uses electrical and mechanical test equipment to aid in the diagnosis and repair of aviation ground support equipment that utilizes various electrical and mechanical drive and control systems.

The following energy occupations align well to this MOS or NEC code:

  • Electrician (47-2111, 17-3023, 49-9025, 49-9023)
  • Engineering Technician (17-3023)
    Beneficial Education: BS Engineering (multiple disciplines), BS Management / Leadership
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Pipefitter/Pipelayer (47-2151, 47-2152, 47-3015, 51-4121)
  • Power Plant Operator
  • Relay Technicians
  • Substation Techs

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