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8015 – Aircraft Armament Development Officer

The military occupation code 8015 – Aircraft Armament Development Officer has the following basic knowledge, skills and abilities:

Plans and directs research, design, development, test, evaluation, or installation programs for aircraft armament. Determines physical and performance characteristics of aircraft weapons including aircraft guns, rockets, pyrotechnics, bombs and bomb systems and chemical systems. Evaluates aircraft and armament compatibility. Manages technical aspects of aircraft armament programs concerned with launching and suspension equipment, pyrotechnic dispensers and launchers, armament monitor and control systems, arming and dearming equipment, guided missilelauncher power supplies, armor, turrets and pylons. Supervises preparation of design specifications.

The following energy occupations align well to this MOS or NEC code:

  • Engineer (17-2051, 17-2071, 17-2141, 17-2081, 17-2111.01, 11-9041)

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