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3E6X1 – Operation Management

The military occupation code 3E6X1 – Operation Management has the following basic knowledge, skills and abilities:

Establishes and manages the operation of the command and control centers and customer focal point. Implements and manages the customer satisfaction program. Responds to customer inquiries. Prepares and manages work requirements during approval, processing, and completion stages. Recommends method of accomplishment based on existing capabilities. Develops, monitors, and manages work order priority program. Monitors work costs to ensure compliance with legal limits or support agreements. Operates computer and communications equipment to support work force management activities. Manages preparation and maintenance of work force records and reports. Performs quantitative study of management data to assess cost and reimbursement, work performance, progress, trends, standards, and policies. Manages priorities and work plans, and monitors work status. Manages recurring work program and provides non-technical automated assistance as needed. Analyzes work activities to ensure quality and compliance with policies, current directions, and other publications. Evaluates inspection findings and recommends corrective action. Collaborates with engineer and environmental planning functions. 

The following energy occupations align well to this MOS or NEC code:

  • Control Center Supervisor
  • Power Plant Supervisor / Manager (11-1021)
  • Work Order Clerk (11-1021)

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