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3654 – Gas Turbine Electric Systems Technician

The military occupation code 3654 – Gas Turbine Electric Systems Technician has the following basic knowledge, skills and abilities:

Operate, repair, and perform organizational and intermediate maintenance on electrical components of ship’s propulsion Gas Turbine Engines (GTE), Ship’s Service Gas Turbine Generators (SSGTG), electrical distribution equipment, assigned auxiliary equipment (including AC motors, motor operated valves, solenoid operated valves, logic controllers, and automatic bus transfer systems), machinery control systems, assigned electrical and electronic equipment up to the printed circuit boards, and alarm and warning circuitry.

The following energy occupations align well to this MOS or NEC code:

  • Electrician (47-2111, 17-3023, 49-9025, 49-9023)
  • I & C Technician (Instrumentation and Controls Technician) (49-2095, 49-9012)
  • Power Plant Operator
  • Relay Technicians
  • Substation Techs

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