Solar Energy Technician


With the growing interest and demand for green energy technologies, jobs for skilled technicians are increasing. Solar energy technicians are responsible for the construction, repair, maintenance and general operation of solar energy systems.

Solar energy technicians utilize their knowledge of photovoltaics, electrical principles, mathematics, and various technologies to install, troubleshoot and perform mechanical and electrical tasks on solar energy systems that ensure their continued operation.

Solar energy technicians conduct research and perform site assessments when planning and designing solar systems. They customize their plans for systems that may be installed for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Specific job tasks that solar energy technicians perform include the installation, inspection, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance of all solar energy system parts such as photovoltaic cells, generators, inverters, batteries, wiring, converter systems, electrical circuits and other related components.

Solar energy technicians must also be able to read and interpret technical manuals, blueprints and other drawings and schematics such as wiring diagrams.

Solar energy technicians must be mechanically inclined and have good manual dexterity to perform their job. They work with a variety of tools including hand and power tools in the fabrication and installation of solar energy systems.

Technicians also use computers in designing solar energy systems and creating material and cost estimates.

Many solar energy technicians are required to travel to different worksites on a regular basis. Technicians should have good interpersonal skills as they have frequent interactions with many different customers and the general public.

Solar energy technicians must have good general health, strength, stamina, and physical ability. They are required to work in a variety of settings and environmental conditions. Most technicians spend time working in outdoor environments in which they may be exposed to varying environmental hazards. Technicians are trained in occupational safety regulations, policies, and procedures to ensure safe work habits.


Solar energy technicians are usually employed by utility companies, photovoltaic companies, construction companies, and private contractors.


Some employers only require a high school diploma along with technical experience in construction trades and photovoltaics. Other employers may require additional technical training, apprenticeship, or an associate degree in solar energy technologies.