Electric Meter Technician


Electric meter technicians perform a variety of duties regarding the installation, repair, maintenance and testing of electric power meters. Meter technicians must be able to troubleshoot meters for problems and make modifications to ensure proper and accurate functioning of meters. Technicians disassemble, clean, rebuild and calibrate meters and metering systems.

Electric meter technicians must have a working knowledge of general electrical and electronic repair work including knowledge of electric circuits and wiring. Meter technicians must be skilled in the use of general tools and specialized tools used in electric work. They use various types of equipment and devices to perform quality testing of meters both in the field and in production facilities.

Using their technical knowledge and skills, meter technicians perform skilled technical work in addition to writing reports and maintaining records. Meter technicians should be comfortable with using computers. Most technicians use computers or computer-operated equipment for meter programming, meter diagnostics and data collection. Electric meter technicians also need to be able to read and interpret electrical schematics, drawings, diagrams and specifications.

Electric meter technicians spend most of their time working in outdoor environments in which they may be exposed to electrical hazards. Due to the dangerous nature of working with electricity, technicians should be well-trained in occupational safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, and fully adhere to health and safety regulations, policies, and procedures. In addition to general occupational safety knowledge, meter technicians should also be knowledgeable of national, state, and local electric codes.

Electric meter technicians must be able to work independently under limited direct supervision. It is also important for meter technicians to have good interpersonal skills as they frequently interact with the general public.


Utility companies, private contractors, federal, state and local organizations.


Typically the minimum requirements for this job include a high school diploma supplemented by technical course completion and experience in the field. Many electric meter technicians receive training through apprenticeship programs. Other technicians may choose to attain an associate degree in electronics or electrical engineering.