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For Students Coming to the National Energy Education Network (NEEN) / Google Maps

The educators and programs seen on these CEWD-Google Maps are members of the National Energy Education Network (NEEN). As such, they are sponsored by Energy Utilities from across the United States that are members of CEWD. These Energy Utilities partner with these NEEN educators to provide education pathways that can lead to high-paying, rewarding careers in the utility industry. Through these maps, you will discover which educators are located in your state, their employer partners, the programs they offer, and the websites where you can find more information.

These NEEN educators are helping to develop a diverse, qualified pipeline of applicants for CEWD member utilities.
  • They conduct industry-recognized curriculum for utility skill development.
  • They help accelerate time to credential by recognizing prior training.
  • They help organize programs of study around core essentials first and then technical competencies.
  • They bundle curriculum with transferable certificates and stackable credentials that integrate into industry recognized credentials.